April 17, 2018/ in Social / by Hebe O’Malley

The KMG family knows the importance of a good work-life balance for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. In line with KAU Media Group’s culture, the team come together to learn yoga and meditation with Bassanti from Pathak Yoga. Office Yoga releases the physical tension and mental stress of sitting at a desk all day, it flushes out toxins and refreshes you, and it’s a fantastic team building exercise.

Sometimes it’s gentle yoga stretches at the desk, sometimes Bassanti brings mats along for a sweaty workout in the office, or even outside. And at other times there’s a guided meditation or a Pranayama breathing focus. All classes are tailored to the ability and state of mind of the team, and as one of the employees puts it: “It can be such a giggle.” And it should be, as laughter releases happy hormones.

A bespoke package can be arranged that suits your company’s time schedule and needs. Achieving Zen has never been simpler.

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