Our Services

Corporate offering from which we create your bespoke session:

79% of office workers in London say they feel stressed as part of their day job. Sound familiar? Then our grounding sessions are for you – aimed at relaxing and rejuvenating your team so that they leave our sessions feeling calm and focused so they can be more productive at work.

Slow Yoga sessions are full of gentle movements and long-held postures which destress your tense muscles, stretch into your connective tissue and get you to breathe consciously to relax the muscles and mind. These sessions are perfect for all levels and a great way to let you unwind no matter what time of the day.

Mindfulness & Meditation Practices (such as visualisations, mantra, chants or Yoga Nidra) are particularly good for very busy employees who feel like they never get a break. We’ll get you to concentrate on yourself, your breathing and your body, and being fully present in the moment. Our approach to meditation is backed by the latest science rather than focusing on religion or spirituality. We guide our corporate clients through breathing exercises, visualisations or body scans, giving them the opportunity to observe rather than judge their thoughts and feelings.

Our Essential Breathing sessions emerged from our observation that a lot of people don’t realise they don’t breathe properly, which can cause a lot of mental as well as physical issues. We teach the efficient use of clavicular, intercostal and diaphragmatic breathing as well as the importance of prolonged exhalation for de-stressing and focusing employees. Our essential breathing sessions are good for corporate clients who get nervous before meetings, presentations or any other type of situation that stresses you and worsens your breathing pattern. We practice a particular set of Pranayama breathing techniques which the employees can resort to whenever such a situation arises and whether they’re alone or in an open-plan office.

Sound Baths are another wonderful way to reset your mind and every cell in your body. Different instruments are played while participants sit or lie down and relax, maybe even drift in and out of sleep. You’ll feel a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation after our session.

Our energising yoga packages are most fast-paced and aimed at boosting productivity through a blend of breath and movement. We tailor these sessions towards those go-getters and high achievers that find it easier to relax when first taken to a high that allows them to drop to a calmer baseline after.

In our energetic Yoga Flow you may break into a sweat! The individual movements can be a steady Vinyasa flow with a focus on synching movement and breath, or we can teach kriyas that are comparable to burpees and won’t take you a minute to get out of breath and your heart rate up. They combine concentration, movement and accelerated diaphragmatic breathing in order to achieve not only a high intensity workout, but also an efficient exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that will leave you relaxed and refreshed for your day at the office and your evening of winding down.

You might choose a vigorous Laughter Yoga class – whether you’ve got a fun and loud team or your office is very heads-down and quiet, we’ll manage to get you to a state of incessant deep belly laughter which you might find absurd to begin with but which will morph into an effective release of all sorts of positive neurotransmitters and feel-good hormones – and before you know it, you’ll be out of your overthinking mind and in your relaxed body, where we should all spend a little more time, rather than taking ourselves too seriously.

We all know that sitting at a desk is hard on the body. Long working hours are one of the most frequent causes of headaches, backaches, shoulder stiffness and many musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). These posture-focused sessions are tailored to office workers who deal with stress and strain and they will help prevent and treat MSDs.

Our vision is to give employees the tools to be healthier and happier overall. It’s important to us that our clients are able to incorporate our weekly exercises into their daily office routine. As you’re working right at your desk, a Chair Yoga class is perfect to ensure that exercises can become a regular part of your short daily breaks.

In our Computer Ergonomics sessions, we teach you how to adjust your posture, your hardware and your workstation in order to minimise musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive strain injuries associated with desk jobs.

If you’re more of a thinker than a mover and you fancy something a bit less active, or if you’re simply not convinced yet, let us illuminate how yoga, breathing and meditation can take your staff productivity and wellbeing to the next level.

With topics ranging from “Building Resilience through Mindfulness and Pranayama” to “The Benefits of Yoga for Parents and Children” and “Sleep Management”, we offer a variety of one-hour talks and longer workshops around health and wellbeing in the office and we’re happy to create bespoke presentations for you. Just get in touch for more information and a quote.

We also organise Staff Health & Wellbeing Days, for which we will create a bespoke offering for you and your team, incorporating grounding and energising elements of your physical practice with a focus on team-bonding exercises to improve staff loyalty and happiness.

We also have a lot of fun and healthy activities to shake up your Client Events which is guaranteed to create some love for your company.

How we work

We tailor all our yoga classes to our clients’ needs: how much do employees sit, travel, stand, carry heavy loads? Is there a tendency towards back issues and other musculoskeletal disorders? Are employees prone to certain work-related injuries?

You can book a one-off yoga session for your staff health and wellbeing week or a client event. But any client who ends up booking us for six or more sessions within half a year will qualify for our reduced regular session prices.

We will hold our yoga classes in one of your (meeting) rooms or simply at your desk. No space is too small for us and no time too short. And all you need to bring to the session is yourself.

Going from top to toe, every part of the body is taken into consideration – the smaller and larger muscle groups as well as your mind through a focus on meditation and Pranayama breathing. We energise and ground you, leaving you calm and productive.

Where others tend to separate the different ways you can practise posture and movement (getting stuck in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Rocket, Yin and Restorative Yoga), we are keen to show similarities and interdependences.

The paths of yoga are not mutually exclusive but complement each other.

What are our prices?

Companies pay us on behalf of their employees. We liaise with your CEO, HR, office or event manager.

From £210 per session for companies

From £105 per session for registered charities

From £1600 for expert talks and events

Find out about our peak and off-peak prices for regular clients.

Private Classes

We also offer yoga outside of the workplace – Private 1-2-1 Sessions in your home as well as online.

Our Yoga & Meditation Workshops and Retreats are designed not only to transport you away from here and take you into another world to get you to practice the postures and breathing exercises; but we also aim to give you some more background knowledge about yoga, its origins and benefits as well as related philosophies and sciences and how to best work these learnings into your life.

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