Client Testimonials

We hired Pathak Yoga in 2016 for weekly mat yoga classes to help our team with work-related back and neck issues. Everyone loves the sessions with Bassanti, and since COVID, we’ve been doing yoga with her live online and with recordings, which has helped keep us all healthy and sane. Bassanti is always encouraging and adapts the sessions to what we need on the day. She’s been doing yoga all her life, and it shows: I feel like I learn something new every time. I highly recommend her and Pathak Yoga.

Oksana Gabriel
Real Estate Assistant
EQT Partners Limited

Bassanti is a very talented yoga teacher. She communicates and explains the different poses very well, and paces her sessions according to your level, which is great. I like that her focus is on the physical aspect including the breathing, rather than spirituality. If you have not done yoga before, have your first introduction with Bassanti. As a health and fitness professional, I appreciate her knowledge of the body and anatomy and how she can easily assess the areas that need more focus to improve and develop.

Petrus De Jager
MAT specialist, massage therapist & personal trainer
Third Space

Pathak Yoga is a weekly joy, combining strengthening yoga poses and mindfulness breathing techniques. My weekly yoga sessions allow me to reconnect with myself and recharge my batteries.

Charlene Fletcher
EQT Partners Limited

I was looking for some ideas to run a team wellness session when I came across Pathak Yoga. The idea of “office yoga” caught my attention as I was looking for something the whole team could get involved in that was a little different. What a treat this was! Over 60 of the team attended the session where Bassanti guided us through some relaxing breathing exercises followed by some imaginative yoga we could do at our desk. The whole team thoroughly enjoyed the session and we all felt much better afterwards! If you are thinking of something a bit different as a team activity that has practical easy tips to promote wellness in the office I would highly recommend it.

Matthew Conlon
Director of Client Operations

Bassanti has been helping us find little moments of peace in our busy working days for over 2 years now, and the difference it’s been making to our wellbeing has been incredible. After our weekly classes for body and mind, I always feel like I’ve just had a session at the spa – despite not leaving my house! From beginner to pro, everyone is welcome and we love the opportunity to step away from calls and emails and focus on our wellbeing for a moment. Bassanti always tailors the sessions to our needs, sometimes focusing on movements that relax our muscles after sitting all day, sometimes on breathing meditations to let us destress. She helps us so much to ground ourselves again, which has been especially important whilst we’ve been working from home.

Anna Masten
Senior Manager, Partnerships,

Welcoming Mira and Bassanti is always a delight. The first time they came, they held an exhilarating desk yoga session with staff in aid of our ‘Office Wellness Week’. They were very happy to tailor the poses to people’s individual needs and useful suggestions and recommendations were made throughout the session. They have remained a pleasure to work with – for yoga, breathing and meditation classes.

Flora Logan
O’Melveny & Myers LLP

We have been working with Bassanti at Parthak Yoga for the past 6 months within our Central London and South East London offices.  Bassanti is able to deliver excellent seated and standing yoga and meditation classes within the office environment.  Her sessions are consistently very well attended and we have had only stellar feedback.  The team look forward to their “Zen Thursday” and many have expressed their gratitude and general improved feeling of wellbeing thanks to Bassanti. I would thoroughly recommend her!

James Walters
Smith Stone Walters

Pathak Yoga have done a great job at introducing us to office yoga – the bending and stretching exercises that Mira has shown us are pitched just right for a cramped environment, yet stretch us sufficiently to be very beneficial – most of them are easy to remember and do solo, although regular classes help keep us on track. Our investment in Pathak Yoga has increased focus and overall mental wellbeing.

Steve Tootill
helpIT systems group

Mira and Bassanti are a pleasure to work with. From the first enquiry to the actual sessions, they are both very friendly and accommodating. We book Pathak Yoga regularly for wellbeing days and the sessions are thoroughly enjoyed by the staff. We always learn very useful exercises, especially as we sit at our desks all day and can easily get back to them on our own. I highly recommend their services!

Anouk Beaujon-Pouradier
Office Manager
ABL Recruitment

We hired Pathak Yoga for a meditation session in our office. It was so loved by everyone that we booked them for regular sessions. Bassanti, who takes the sessions, is fantastic. She is super knowledgeable and very accommodating to our needs. A very professional service that I would highly recommend.

Stephanie James
Office Coordinator

The team are incredibly helpful and take the time to explain how their teachings can alleviate pain and help with mindfulness, energy and focus. It’s good to know that there are options for simple practices which do not demand specialist areas or mats that can energise and revitalise you, so you’re ready for your working day.

Fiona Townsend
UK Group HR Manager
Bytes Software Services

Pathak Yoga’s chair yoga sessions are perfect for an office environment – quite rich and deep, but not too sweaty. We get all the basics and explanations on the movements and how they affect our bodies. The sessions include not only standing exercises, but also seated ones, many of which we can apply in our day to day office life sitting in front of a computer. Yoga in the workplace is so important in encouraging fitness in those who aren’t already active – often the ones who are more stressed and likely to be ill – so it’s great for the employees and great for the business.

Filipa Duarte-Silva
PPC Executive
House of Fraser