Who are we?

We are Bassanti & Mira Pathak, two Indian-German sisters with decades of experience teaching yoga. As children, we were taught asans, myths and yoga philosophy by our Indian father (who taught yoga on the side) and many old remotely living Indian gurus. This ancient wisdom and the latest scientific research informs all our classes.

Mira studied at Bonn, Berlin and the Sorbonne in Paris, after which she gained over ten years’ office experience in various industries. Bassanti was educated at Bonn, Harvard and Clark. A former Fulbright scholar, banker, film producer and screenwriter. We both know the challenges that fast-paced and volatile industries can throw at you. So we decided to bring wellbeing to the corporate world, ‘making employees healthier and employers happier’.

Just one other company was providing corporate yoga back then, but they seemed to teach workouts that put the label yoga on for effect. So Pathak Yoga was born! We were actually not just one of the first office yoga providers in London, but also the first company to provide chair yoga.

What do we do when we’re not in your office?

We teach in London and the surrounding areas. If you’re unsure about whether we cover your area, just contact us. We also teach in Köln, Germany on a monthly basis, globally live online as well as in select gyms around London: you can find her at the #1 London Luxury Health Club Third Space (if you’re a member – Soho Tuesdays 6.30 pm & 7.30 pm and Thursdays 12 & 1 pm, Wimbledon Saturdays 8.20 & 9.20 am, Islington Saturdays 4 pm) and the iconic Brockwell Lido (affordable pay as you go options – Timetable: Wednesdays 5.30-7 pm, Fridays 10.30-12 noon).

As a yoga and mindfulness expert with a deep understanding of neuroscience, Bassanti offers resilience training as well as speeches and talks on various topics ranging from stress management to yoga for parents & children.

Occasionally she still works as a scriptwriter and her latest creative outpourings can be found in CBeebies’ children’s TV series Happy Tent Tales.