As the spring season is on the horizon, we at Pathak Yoga are excited to share our latest updates and offerings. Beyond the conventional realm of yoga, we strive to provide a comprehensive wellbeing experience that transcends mere physical exercise. Our mission is to utilise the awareness of body and breath founded on ancient wisdom and modern science in order to make you healthier and happier.

Beyond our Yoga Offering

We offer a diverse range of services tailored to suit your individual needs. Beyond expertly curated yoga sessions encompassing breathing techniques, meditation, asanas, flowing movements and kundalini kriyas, we offer informative talks on the neuroscience behind meditation as well as sleep optimisation and pain management. We understand the importance of employee wellbeing in driving organisational success. That’s why we hold resilience and stress-buster workshops designed to equip your team with invaluable tools for navigating the demands of modern-day work life. Additionally, we provide on-site services such as massages, sound baths, Pilates sessions and more, to foster a culture of relaxation and rejuvenation within your workplace.

Embracing Our Values: Authenticity, Inclusivity & Wisdom

The way Mira and I learned yoga from our Indian father as children is very different from what is being taught here in the West, where the physical side gets most of the focus – but it is a tiny aspect and only one path in the vast field of yoga. Teaching yoga is like saying: “I teach science”. It needs more information and we’re not talking about the “style” you teach (with which people mean Vinyasa, Yin etc. – these are just ways of practising your postures and all of them sit within the Hatha yoga tradition). If your yoga practice focuses on the body, you need to also be aware of the intention behind it: changing the body’s chemistry and – over time – the architecture of the brain in order to achieve liberation or enlightenment, or in scientific terms: we help dissolve those brain structures that hinder our happiness, such as stereotypes, unconscious biases, addiction, our ego and even our identity, which is by nature defined in contrast to someone else. Our brain is a wonderful thing but it also makes us our own worst enemy. Using Hatha yoga is a means to overcome this. And that’s what Pathak Yoga does. We facilitate more happiness through teaching with authenticity, inclusivity and the wisdom of an ancient science that speaks a language far more complex than our young Western language of science does.

Wishing you a rejuvenating and joy-filled spring season!!

Bassanti & team