While we haven’t had consistent sunshine so far this summer, there’s hopefully more to look forward to. In the meantime, how about checking out an article on the sun salutation or “Surya Namaskar” in which I am quoted talking about the benefits of this beautiful set of asanas? https://www.thefocus.news/lifestyle/10-minutes-of-sun-salutation-a-day-has-significantly-impacted-my-overall-health-for-years/

If you are a regular in my yoga classes, you may know that the story behind Surya Namaskar is that of Lord Hanuman, the monkey God, who was instrumental in saving Ram’s wife Sita from the clutches of demon Ravan. Hanuman also spent thousands of years learning the wisdom and knowledge of the world from Surya, the sun God himself, and in gratitude created the sun salutation for his guru.

New on-demand class service

Exciting news: I’ve launched my on-demand class subscription service and you can head to courses.pathak-yoga.com to sign up for pay-as-you-go (£5) or unlimited monthly classes (£20). You also have the option of a quarterly (£45) and yearly (£120) membership.

I’m posting five new classes a month, filled with lots of science and mythology. Sign up if you’re 1) a beginner, 2) love your advanced, fast flows, 3) need relief from sitting at a desk all day and/or 4) love the challenge of a long-held posture practice.

Expert talk & podcast

I’ve also recently appeared on Ibrahim Braimah’s podcast “Need to Succeed”, in which we are talking about what drives us and what happiness means. Many of you came to my talk on yoga and enlightenment from a neuroscientific perspective which I held at an inGeniusly event, a company specialising in optimising your brain. If you missed this and would like to be enlightened, please find links below.

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Wishing you (and us, quite frankly!) a wonderfully sunny summer.

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