Winter can seem like it lasts forever. We’ve certainly found ourselves wondering if we ever celebrated Holi – the advent of spring – and immersed ourselves in colour, when it was snowing outside!

So it’s understandable that one or the other person amongst us might be a little low on energy and happy vibes.

So here are a few little tips from us to add some sunshine to your life: smile and laugh! Many of the benefits of laughter are the same as those of diaphragmatic breathing, but there are even more:

👌 Laughter increases our oxygen intake and the circulation of our lymphatic system.

👍 It lowers blood pressure and increases blood circulation.

😃 It reduces stress hormones and releases happy hormones such as endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin – which also ease pain!

😂 It burns calories and gives your core a workout. So if the boat pose isn’t for you, just laugh away to tone your abs.

🌺 Laughing and smiling activates the brain circuitry that works for us when we’re happy. This means that even if you don’t feel particularly great but smile or laugh anyway, your brain will think you’re happy, neurons fire accordingly and your happy hormones follow suit. Is this amazing? Yes it is!

💪 Research has also shown that happier people have better physical health and immunity. No wonder, as laughing (just as being happy) boosts your natural T-cells which are there to let your body fight off infection and disease.

🌸 So if you’re hooked and you want some of this, book us for a Laughter Yoga session in your office. Or if you’re not quite sure you’re ready to let go, we pack a lot of fun into our other sessions, too, so whatever you choose, we guarantee you’ll leave our class with a smile on your face. 🥰