Client Testimonials


Our clients are not just in one particular industry. We work with a variety of sectors and in groups of different sizes. We also teach one-on-one sessions.

Here is what some of our clients say about us:

I am so pleased that we found Mira and Bassanti’s yoga classes for our office. Both of them are lovely instructors, they are professional and reliable and I have had nothing but positive feedback from anyone who has attended the class. The classes aren’t too hard but do challenge people so anyone can have a go! I would highly recommend them. 🙂

Lucy Taylor

HR Administrator, Domestic & General

Welcoming Mira and Bassanti was a delight. They held an exhilarating desk yoga session with staff in aid of our ‘Office Wellness Week’. They were very happy to tailor the poses to people’s individual needs and useful suggestions and recommendations were made throughout the session. They were a pleasure to work with.

Flora Logan

Receptionist, O’Melveny & Myers LLP

The team were incredibly helpful and took the time to explain how this can help with mindfulness, energy and focus. It’s good to know that there are options for simple practices which do not demand specialist areas or mats that can energise and revitalise you ready for a working day.

Fiona Townsend

UK Group HR Manager, Bytes Software Services

Bassanti is a very talented yoga teacher. She communicates and explains the different poses very well, and paces her sessions according to your level, which is great. I like that her focus is on the physical aspect including the breathing, rather than spirituality. If you have not done yoga before, have your first introduction with Bassanti. As a health and fitness professional, I appreciate her knowledge of the body and anatomy and how she can easily assess the areas that need more focus to improve and develop.

Petrus De Jager

MAT specialist, massage therapist & personal trainer, MY PHYSIQUE

The 45-minute session was perfect for an office environment, as it was quite rich but not too sweaty 😉  Bassanti gave us all the basics and explained each movement and how it affects our bodies. The session included not only standing exercises, but also seated ones, many of which we can apply in our day to day office sitting in front of a computer.

Filipa Duarte-Silva

PPC Executive, House of Fraser

Mira & Bassanti are by far the best yoga teachers I have had. They are gentle, yet always push you to improve and they are a delight. I feel better physically and mentally thanks to their classes. And it’s great that they come to our offices in London, because I’m too busy to go out for my yoga classes.

Nicky Adamo

Founder, Managing Director, Julianne London Ltd.

Fabulous concept, perfectly executed. Great for anywhere. Never thought office yoga could be so varied and much more than just a few intuitive stretches.

Colin Roughan

Chief Financial Officer, Julianne London Ltd.

Excellent instruction. I felt great after the class. Also learned some exercises that I could do myself while at the office to loosen up my back.

Michael O.

Investment Manager

Mira & Bassanti have been teaching Hatha Yoga at Esher College, Surrey, for over a year now & have proved to be dedicated teachers with a vast knowledge of yoga. After over 10 years of offering various types of yoga here, participants call them the best teachers they’ve had.

Maureen Jay

Adult Education Manager, Esher College

Pathak Yoga have done a great job at introducing us to office yoga – the bending and stretching exercises that Mira has shown us are pitched just right for a cramped environment, yet stretch us sufficiently to be very beneficial – most of them are easy to remember and do solo, although regular classes help keep us on track.

Steve Tootill

CEO, helpIT systems group

Mira and Bassanti were positive, professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. They really brought something original and refreshing to our recent client event in Shoreditch, London, everyone was delighted and we would hire them again in a heartbeat. An enormous thank you to the pair, I cannot praise them highly enough.

Georgia Carmichael

PR / Head of Social Media, The Cult PR

It is so nice to see Santi moving from the world of banking to pursue her passion for teaching yoga. Santi comes around to my home to teach my husband and me. She effortlessly tailors her teaching to both of us, as we have different body flexibility and strength. The exercise is a great blend of breathing, meditation, stretching and strength building, and Santi also focuses on exercises to improve our golf performance. I can feel my improvement. We started off the lessons because of the company health allowance, and will definitely keep going even now we are paying for the lessons ourselves.

Lili B.

HR Business Manager, HSBC